Chico State Football Reunion 2017


The Chico State Football Reunion for 2017 was held the weekend of July 20th and was a huge success. Wildcat John Zgomic, from the class of 85, was in attendance. John was a 4 year football player and wrestler and was inducted into Chico State Hall of Fame his first year being eligible. So many other Wildcats were in attendance catching up on fond memories during the walk from the Oasis to the football field and the tour of the weight room and locker room.  The Wildcats scoreboard was purchased by wildcat Rob Shiner and later donated; however, it was in attendance for several photo ops.

This year was also highlighted by the additional exposure from the Chico State media, the Enterprise Record and local tv news.  It was also announced that the Wildcats will be starting a scholarship fund to assist family members of former players.

The target dates for 2018 are July 19, 20 and 21….Hope to see you there.

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If you have any other questions, feel free to contact  Go Wildcats!


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  1. I am currently writing a book about an ex Chico State quarterback, Gabe Rice, who played at CSUC from 1994-96. Gabe was killed in 1997. I was hoping to get in touch with players who played with him. He was a backup his JR year, and was in and out of the starting lineup his SR year with Scott Bertoni. However, he did play in the November 16, 1996 NCAC Championship game against Sonoma and went 26-37 for 312 and 3TDs and 0 ints in the 25-20 win. That was his best day playing for Chico State. So if there is a way to get some contact information from guys who played with Gabe, that would be awesome. I am going to talk with Gary Houser in a few days and i am sure he knows some people as well. I am also looking for Rob Tomlinson’s contact information. Thank you so much for your help!

    Guy Dossi

  2. I knew and was a teammate with Gabe Rice. Man, I haven’t thought of him in a while. I came across this posting and it triggered a memory. Gabe was one of my back-ups in 1995. Hard working, good teammate, and pushed me to be the best I could be. I remember hearing of the sad news when the accident happen and I recall making a phone call to his mother to wish her and the family all the best.

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